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Getting started

How to sell

Imagine a place allowing you to indulge your passion – at a profit!

A place where you decide the selling price, whilst making a 50% profit for yourself.

Welcome to Filterimages.

Make your pictures come alive. Become a part of Filterimages where creative artists exhibit their best photos and where the most unique pictures will be earmarked by a panel of professionals - See The Creative Board members.

All photos on display on Filterimages are, at the same time, photos for sale. On Filterimages you as a photographer, will make a 50% profit. The price is up to you - you choose between 5 different predefined prices.

When creating your profile, you will be asked to attach a few photos for us to see. When your profile has been approved, you can start uploading more photos and attach keywords to each individual photo. Filterimages will review all photos; and, the moment a photo is approved, it will be online and accessible for sale from all over the world.


How to buy

Filterimages provide a wealth of photos from which to choose. 

And we’ve made them very easy for you to buy. When you find a photo you wish to buy, all you have to do is press ‘buy’ and proceed to the payment module. Then you photo will be available for download a fiew minuts later.

If you’re looking for a specific type of photo, the search function will help you find your ideal photo. And if you’re looking for inspiration or for something quite unique - try browsing the group of specifically selected photos in the ’Creative’ section.

’Creative’ comprises all the pictures having been selected by the creative people sitting on Filterimages’ creative board.