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75% profit for the photographer!

We have been working on a solution for a long time, which will help photographers who upload a lot of photos get the most out of our images bank’s Filterimages.

So, starting today, all approved photographers who upload more than 365 photos a year will now make a 75% profit on those of their pictures that have been sold.

It’s very simple: When a photographer has more than 365 photos on their profile, the 75% will apply for the following year. If a photographer subsequently uploads a minimum of 365 photos a year, the photographer will keep making a 75% profit on all sales on Filterimages.

If the photographer does not upload an additional 365 photos over the course of the following year, the photographer will return to the “normal” 50% profit on all sales.

In other words, all photographers will make a 75% profit for the following year when they have 365 photos in the bank; and if they don’t keep the 365 photos the following year, they will return to the “normal” rate of 50%.

Naturally we are doing this to get more photos in the bank, as we really need them – no photos, no images bank! But we are also doing it because we dream of becoming the preferred playground for photographers, and hence we want photographers to get as much out of it as possible.

Furthermore, we are currently working on several other new initiatives to help photographers in the process of uploading and administering their photos and to improve their experience with Filterimages.

A natural development in a digital world that is constantly evolving.