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When will we be a true image bank?

Over the most recent months, we have been approached – via a number of mails and otherwise – by photographers wanting to know what kind of material we would specifically prefer for inclusion in Filterimages. 

The answer is everything, as we will not be a “true“ image bank till the moment a customer seeks an image – and finds it.
To enable this, our selection of photos must be quite comprehensive.

We have drawn up a set of guidelines as to the type of shots we currently need. Remember, they are only guidelines,
and anything else is also very welcome.

• Travels, destinations – places we can dream about visiting.
• Backgrounds, atmosphere, structure and colours.
• Skylines, big-city holidays and life in big cities.
• Nature, scenic depictions from all over the world. Summer or winter, we are interested in everything.
• Work, stress and work places.
• Health, life-styles and exercising.
• The body, details and the body – for good and bad. Fit and strong, thick and thin.

The primary quality of your shots should be that they represent your own style – the way in which you find your photos most cool.

The more interpretations we have of an image, the stronger we will be when the customer is to make his selection and subsequent purchase.

Personalise your shots – play with light, colours and contrast, and consider this a playground for creative photographers.

We are really looking forward to that moment when we can label Filterimages a “true“ image bank.

Go shot some images :-)

Best of Regards

The Filterimages Team