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Welcome to a new ’picture bank’

I stumble through my everyday: I stumble upon details, and I fall for contrasts between foreground and background – between light and shadow. This frequently leads me into storytelling – in a visual format.

As a rule, I think in images; and this was also the case when the idea of Filterimages came to me. Personally, I have always been a keen photographer; and I missed a place where my photos could be put on display – be sold and create value for others.

Today, the Filterimages idea has materialised, and a new type of picture bank has become a reality. Therefore, I’m extremely proud to be able to bid you welcome to Filterimages!

Also, I think very highly of each and every one of you, the photographers, who contribute to enrich the site with focus, depth and dimension. 

Filterimages has been created for photographers. When you post your photos on Filterimages, you will be sure to get a fair deal. Already, Filterimages has many brilliant photos, and we need more! The selection of photos is headed by a creative board – to ensure that the high quality is maintained. This way, Filterimages will remain a place which is fun and safe, for photographers and customers alike.

A good photo is a subjective experience. To me, it’s a matter of for instance contrasts and atmosphere. Or it’s about being eaten alive by aesthetics. But always, it’s a matter of getting sucked into the story. I hope that Filterimages will provide space for all the different experiences of photography – in order that we may inspire each other and continue to tell amazing stories which may become a part of something bigger.

/ Claus Smed, Founder