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Dear photographers

We hope that you like Filterimages version 1.0

To those of you who still haven’t tried creating and uploading pictures, I’m especially excited to inform you that we have worked hard the last couple of weeks to make the upload stage simpler and that a name and info are now automatically included on your files when you upload.

I’m also proud to present the two new members of our creative board: Thomas Boldsen, who has i.a. worked at Umwelt, Ogilvy and Bates, and Claus Collstrup, who is the Senior Art Director at Hjaltelin Stahl. We’re super excited to have you both on board!

To all photographers:
We need you! We need you to look through your archives and upload your shots at Filterimages. Not only will our website look better, your profile will look good as well when the agencies start looking at them. So if you know one or more photographers that you find talented and inspiring, please tell them about Filterimages so that they can join us. We need pictures in the database before we can start marketing Filterimages worldwide.

It’s Christmas.
Many photographers often ask what type of pictures we would like to have in the database. The quick answer is: EVERYTHING.                 
When building up a picture database, it’s important to have a wide range with visual content. There are many ways to shoot a great picture, but truth is that it’s the person who’s looking for and buying a picture who decides what we need. My advice to you, the photographers, therefore is… shoot what you love doing, play with it, and if you see anything that would make a great shot… shoot it!

Look at your shots as shares or investments: the more you have in the bank, the greater is the financial return. So when the Christmas spirit finds its way into your lives, just shoot it!

Have a great time with Filterimages!
We’ll work our socks off to help you and your pictures get into the world.

Have a very Merry Christmas!

Claus Smed