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Welcome to Filterimages

During the last year, we have been working hard at making Filterimages come true.
An image database for creative people, focusing on the photographer!

Now we are online, and have reached the first step of our exciting journey.

3 years ago, we came up with the idea of creating an image database offering a fair deal to the photographers, giving then the opportunity to sell photos from their personal archives and in fact getting some money out of it.

We have both been working in the advertising industry all our lives and we have purchased lots of photos, and we have often talked about how the photographer gets next to nothing for his or her work.

Filterimages is not owned by a big million dollar company but by Sebastian Kerdil and I who have a true passion for visual creativity. Our team will work very hard to turn this into a success – Both for us, but not least for all the photographers showing their work in our image database - without photographers, no Filterimages. And we are very excited to have you!

We want to thank all those creative people who have made this project possible: creative minds, lawyers, programmers and photographers who have been helping us to this stage. We are working hard to optimize Filterimages everyday, so please write us with good ideas for making Filterimages even better.

We are currently developing a 1.2 version which contains quite a few improvements and new functions.

Welcome to our website!

All the best,
Claus Smed & Sebastian Kerdil