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Tina Sørensen

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It may be nearby to characterize Tina Sørensen as a reporter photographer, but firstly, such simplification will not give her justice, and secondly, the description can easily be perceived in a one-sided journalistic perspective. The report will often be part of a photographer's profession; But at Tina Sørensen there are several issues that are the basis for photography. In other words, there are several conditions that must be met before touching the camera shutter.
It is of course not by chance that you call the glass you observe the reality through photography, for an "objective". What the camera catches and what is stored on the memory card - in the old days, the movie - is an expression of the shabby visual truth.
However, when the photographer takes advantage of his potentials, the subject may seem personally - and thus subjectively anchored in a universe, as the artist is the first to see. Photography as an art form is often problematic. How often have you not observed blurred and wasted photographs that are produced from the novel that it is "art"?
This is not how it works with Tina Sørensen. Here is a sharp blur, and the issues regarding exposure time, aperture and ISO values ​​are all things that the artist controls instinctively - regardless of the subject.
Lars Svanholm, visual artist and art critic
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